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About metis

Metis believes in empowering individuals to attain their true potential through education. However, education is frequently underutilized due to difficulties of accessing education and students may not always have the right incentive to complete their education. Metis solves this issue by providing a direct economic incentive for users which is representative of the economic value to society that is not captured by the users themselves. Through Metis, students have a financial incentive to study and pick up skills that are in demand within society. These students learning and picking up skills that the industry is lacking can earn money while being educated.

Metis enables this through our innovative proof-of-work to mine new MTS token, To gain MTS tokens, users will need to complete milestones in their online courses.

For each milestone completed, the users will receive a corresponding amount of MTS token as a reward for their work. The rewards received by the users will commensurate with their commitment to the learning and the expected gain by society from the completion of the course.

As an added incentive for completing the courses, students will also receive a graduation certificate along with any awards that they have received during their education journey. These certificates and awards will be issued as non-fungible tokens existing as ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain.


MYPOOL is developed by eKYSS and will be the first education institution that is directly integrated with the Metis platform.
Download the application below to be the first to know once you can start earning MTS tokens through MYPOOL!

The Metis Ecosystem

Ultimately, Metis ecosystem will onboard various educational institutions to offer courses to the public and through our Metis Artificial
Intelligence, it is possible to have a personalized learning experience for students who can earn MTS tokens through their education.
The ecosystem is self sustaining and will help to produce better quality education for students to achieve their full potential.

MTS Token Utility

Governance Token

MTS token owners can
create governance
proposals and vote on
proposals that will
directly affect the Metis

MTS token can also be
delegated to trusted
education institutions\
organizations who can cast votes on behalf of
the MTS users.

Staking by education

To qualify for the provision of courses on Metis, each qualifying education institution will
need to stake a
particular amount of
MTS tokens to provide
their courses on the
Metis platform. This
ensures high quality of
courses provided to

Staking by students to
boost incentive rewards

Students can stake tokens to earn multiple times of their rewards. (e.g. up to 5 times more token rewards as incentive)

Staking can also reduce fees for certain selected classes in view of their support and belief in the Metis system.

As a Currency

MTS tokens can be used as a currency for payment of classes or for the redemption of rewards for their work in completing the classes

Enjoy discount on courses by paying in MTS tokens

Team Members

Samuel Seo
CEO & Co-Founder

CEO of TCPSchool Co., Ltd.

ASIA. Co., Ltd.

IT Architecture in

Hyunjun Lee
CEO & Co-Founder


Samsung C&T

Hanyang University
Business School IAB
Advisory Professor


Go Beomseok

Graduated from department
of Molecular Biology,
Konkuk University

Head of B2B Sales Team,
Edu Chosun, Chosun Ilbo

Head of HRD Division,
YBMnet Co., Ltd.

Jieun Han

Graduated from Yonsei
University Department
of Journalism and Broadcasting

Constructor, editor of Seoul
Cultural History magazine-

in-Chief of KBS Journal

Current) Standing member
of SNS Cultural Promotion

Current) CEO of Real Age

Finn Park

Hexrium Founder

HUFS BA Degree

GBSA BSC Degree holder

Our Advisors

Kim Hyung-joo

Chairman of Blockchain Industry Promotion Association -Ph.D. in International Relations Research, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Jinyoung Choi

Chairman of Blockchain Today-Chairman of Dconference Organizing Committee


Koo Tae-eon

Korea University Department
of Law

Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office, Advanced Crime Investigation Department


Allen Kim

Samsung SDI

Senior Engineer, Microsoft

HJ Park

JTBC Contents Business Director

Film [Tour] Director

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award

Our Partner